Objectives of Participating in the Exhibition

Increased brand exposure: The show is an opportunity to showcase the company's brand and products to more potential customers and industry peers. By displaying attractive booths and displaying materials, companies can increase brand awareness and make more people aware of our presence at DEBURKING.

Finding new customers and partners: The show is a gathering place for industry stakeholders, where DEBURKING can meet new potential customers and project partners. Face-to-face communication and interaction with visitors can build a more authentic and in-depth relationship and further business cooperation.

Explore market needs and trends: Through the exhibition, DEBURKING can understand the latest developments in the industry and market needs, so as to adjust its product and service strategy. Valuable market intelligence can be gained by communicating with visitors, observing competitors, and attending industry seminars.

Competitor analysis and comparison: Participating companies can learn about their competitors' latest products, sales strategies and market positioning from the exhibition. By observing competitors' booth design, display materials, and display activities, it is possible to conduct targeted competitor analysis and develop strategies for a more competitive advantage.

Increase sales opportunities and turnover: The show is a great opportunity for potential customers to come to DEBURKING and increase sales opportunities and turnover. By showcasing products to visitors, providing live demonstrations and trials, DEBURKING can attract more purchase intentions and orders.

By setting clear exhibition objectives, DEBURKING can more specifically plan booth design, display strategy and event scheduling. At the same time, it can also better measure the effect of the exhibition and carry out follow-up and marketing promotion.

2023 Guangzhou Pazhou South China International Oral Exhibition

Zirconia Grinding And Polishing Kit
Dental Polishing Disc Kit
Dental Polishing Set
Paper Discs Brass Center
Snap-On Brass Center

2023 China Internationa Hardware Show

Zirconia Polishing Kit
Brass Center Double-Sided Abrasive
China InternationaHardware Show
Paper Brass Center Abrasive Discs
Plastic Brass Center Abrasive Discs
Sanding Disc Snap On Metal Center
Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

2022 Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition

Wholesale Abrasive Bristle
4inch Radial Bristle Disc
China Diamond Deburring Tool
Jewelry Polishing Brush
Radial Bristle Disc Wholesale
Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition
Vitrified Grinding Wheel

2021 Chengdu Lijia International intelligent Equipment Exhibition

Silicon End Brush
Ceramic Cup Brush
Diamond Disc Brush
Green Silicon Wheel Brush

2020 Greater Bay Area Industry Expo

Industrial Polishing Brush
China Polishing Abrasive Tools
Greater Bay Area Industry Expo

2019 International Exhibition on HARDWARE AND HAND TOOLS

Radial Bristle Disc 3 Inch
Radial Bristle Disc Kit
Round Bristle Hair Brushes

2018 The 32nd China International Hardware Fair

National Convention and Exhibition Center

2018 Shanghai International Brush Industry Exhibition


2016 China (Shenzhen) International Touch Screen and Display Exhibition

China Deburring Disc Brushed

2015 China International Hardware Show

China International Hardware Show

2012 China International Hardware Show

Abrasive Tools
Grinding Wheel

2007 Shanghai Spring International Hardware Show

China Radial Disc
Shanghai Spring Hardware Show