In order to improve the competitive advantage of the brand of our products, our company put forward the "technology", "talent", "service" and "cost" four strategies, which highlight the "service.

Depending on the broad prospect of the market, constantly improve the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to customers.

Pre Sale 

1. Professional sales staff will first give customers a brief explanation of Deburking brand products.

2. After the initial understanding of customer needs, the salesman introduces the relevant technical requirements related to the product to the customer, recommends the appropriate product and provides the corresponding sales information and samples, and can accept the customer's consultation free of charge at any time.

3. After communicating with the customer, the sales staff can also propose that the customer send the workpiece that needs to solve the problem to our company. After receiving the workpiece, the technology and engineering will design the solution according to the product characteristics or record the video of the workpiece solution to the customer and send the processed workpiece back to the customer.

4. The Sales department regularly updates the product quotation information according to the market price at different times.

5. Through in-depth communication, you can obtain the analysis of the main competitive products in your market, so as to better control your market demand.

6. According to your market conditions, we will specially develop upgraded formula products, new products and other services.

7. Professional designer team to provide you with excellent OEM brand design and packaging.

8. Professional, meticulous and fast business response, one-to-one exclusive service.

In Sale

1. Deburking Company shall follow the operating procedures of ISO9001 quality management system.

2. Professional documentary team and production team cooperate with each other to timely return the delivery date to ensure that your products are delivered on time.

3. Raw material quality inspection, production site inspection and finished product testing to ensure the stability of your product quality.

4. The label of the packaging box shows the brand, product name, model, incoming date and production date before the product is stored.

5. The inspection before delivery is completed by the independent QC supervisor, the test is carried out according to the customer's standard, and the finished product test report is made and submitted to the corresponding sales staff for the record.

6. The sales team will share the photos of the packaged goods, the tracking number, delivery note and invoice after delivery to you by Email, so that you can keep track of the logistics progress.

After-Sale Service

1. If the products need to declare for export after leaving the factory, we will have a professional export team to arrange accurate export data to freight forwarders and transportation companies, and cooperate with customers to provide customs clearance and tax incentive documents.

2. Maintain communication with customers at any time, collect market information regularly, and ensure that product quality is at the market leading level.

3. All quality and technical feedback will be processed by Deburking sales and technical engineers to conduct professional product analysis and provide the best solution. All steps are overseen by the directors of Deburking. Finally, professional reports and results are presented to the client.

4. Samples collected from each order will be kept for a certain period of time and marked with their PI number to facilitate quality traceability.

5. Actively share Deburking's latest upgraded product performance information with customers.