2024 Deburking Abrasive Material Co. Ltd.’S Development Blueprint

1, Leading Technological Innovation: With the rapid development of science and technology, Deburking is determined to continue to deepen technology research and development in the field of abrasive mold, lead the upgrading of manufacturing process and equipment, and achieve a new era of CNC and intelligent production.

2, Practice Green Environmental Protection: In response to the national “blue sky defense war” and the call of “Jinshan Silver mountain is not as good as green mountain”, Deburking is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, reduce pollutant emissions, improve resource utilization efficiency, and push the abrade mold manufacturing process to a new height of green.

3, The Pursuit Of Excellent Quality: Deburking’s pursuit of product quality is endless. From carefully selected materials to exquisite processing, we raise every step of the way to new and exacting standards to ensure exceptional stability and durability.

4, Expand Innovative Applications: Deburking constantly explore the application potential of abrasive mold in hardware, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, 3C electronics, bathroom, roller, dental and other fields, to inject a steady stream of innovation for the development of the industry.

5, Increase Participation & Viewing Exhibitions: Deburking know that participation is an important part of business development and brand building. We will actively participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad, and join hands with industry colleagues to explore new business opportunities and achieve more cooperation and win-win results.

6, Deepening International Cooperation: Deburking uphold the spirit of open and inclusive cooperation, and actively seek cooperation opportunities with international enterprises and institutions, jointly enhance international competitiveness, promote the cross-border development of the industry, create a brilliant future.

Post time: Mar-11-2024