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  • On the Future Development of Abrasives Industry

    In the past two years, the epidemic that has swept the world has affected all walks of life to varying degrees. For many companies, this epidemic is fatal and has a chain reaction to the industrial chain. Even lead to changes in the global economic pattern. As an important part of the market econ...
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  • Disc brush application case sharing

    The flat brush is an end-face grinding product. The wire contains high-efficiency cutting abrasives such as alumina, silicon carbide, ceramics, and diamond. It is used for grinding and polishing of tool marks and burrs generated by machining. It is widely used in: auto parts grinding, Grinding an...
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  • Why Choose Us for Bristle disc brush?

    Why Choose Us for Bristle disc brush? Debuking Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd. has been established for 20 years. Among them, the cyclone impeller is our company’s flagship product, Various sizes for your choice,Quality assurance, fair price, service first. which sells well at home and abroad...
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