On the Future Development of Abrasives Industry

In the past two years, the epidemic that has swept the world has affected all walks of life to varying degrees. For many companies, this epidemic is fatal and has a chain reaction to the industrial chain. Even lead to changes in the global economic pattern. As an important part of the market economy, the abrasives industry has also been affected to a certain extent.
The epidemic has become a huge uncertainty in today’s society, which has brought certain negative effects to all walks of life. Under the epidemic, the company’s business volume has been declining, mainly because the transportation has been greatly affected, and there is also the relocation of enterprises. Affected by the epidemic, traffic in various places was blocked, transportation capacity decreased, and freight rates increased, which directly affected the delivery time of export goods and indirectly affected the company’s foreign trade sales. At present, the company’s sales composition is basically the same, export and domestic sales.
For enterprises, the epidemic is an uncertain event that the company itself cannot control, and the only thing it can do is to find certainty in an uncertain environment. Although the epidemic has caused damage to the company’s business, it cannot stop the company’s operations, and this is a good opportunity to strengthen the company’s own strength. At this stage, we generally focus on three things: first, upgrade the internal hardware equipment of the enterprise and replace some old equipment; second, focus on R&D and launch of new products, constantly enrich the company’s product categories and expand product coverage; third, strengthen employees Cultivation of quality, strive to produce every product is a high-quality product.
Under the circumstances of uncertain epidemic situation and uncertain market environment, the seriousness of the problems faced by enterprises can be seen in general. However, in such a dangerous environment, some companies cannot resist and sink; while some companies can sink their hearts to consolidate their strength and achieve growth against the trend. It’s as if everyone is facing a big exam, and some people, regardless of the difficulty level of the question, do well. I believe that after the epidemic, the dormancy of the abrasives industry has brought the market’s brilliance!

Post time: May-20-2022