Application of the disc brush

Disc Brushes that are widely used for cleaning purposes in several industrial machines. All our brushes are manufactured using high grade raw material and latest technology to ensure that these meet with international quality standards & norms.
The polishing disc brush that produce maximum burr removal rates while supplying an ideal surface finish at the same time. Application of all kinds of house hold appliances, industrial cleaning, cylinder head, engine etc. Thanks for the linear construction, sharp new grains constantly come in contact with the work surface and wear off exposing fresh cutting particles. Disc brushes are ideal for custom design machines or CNC.
Wet and dry. Better effect of wet grinding, central water or side water, bottom central water, polishing and rinsing powder dirty. No dust, no risk of explosion.
It is especially suitable for deburring of cylinder heads, engine blocks, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, etc.
Non-standard customized brushes are possible with all different diameter, bristle heights, raw-material, grits & combination with desired bristle height.

Post time: Dec-28-2022