New energy vehicle battery shell deburring with radial bristle disc

Use the Debuiking cyclone wheel to remove burrs from the battery housing of new energy vehicles

Here are some suggestions:

First, make sure the battery case is powered off, and make sure you wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and protective clothing.

Prepare the cyclone wheel tool. Select the appropriate cyclone wheel size and speed to ensure that it is suitable for treating the shell surface, which can improve the effect of grinding and polishing.

Before any treatment, carefully inspect the cyclone wheel to ensure that it is not damaged and installed correctly.

Slowly and gently touch the cyclone wheel to the burr area on the battery housing that needs to be addressed. When using a cyclone wheel, ensure that the Angle is appropriate and stable to avoid injury or damage.

Using moderate pressure and appropriate speed, rotate the cyclone wheel on the burr area to remove burrs from the surface of the housing. Be careful not to use force with excessive pressure to avoid scratching or damaging the shell.

After treating the burrs, use a soft cloth or cleaning brush to remove debris and dust that may remain on the surface of the housing.

When using a cyclone wheel to deburr, be careful and use appropriate safety measures.

Note that this is only one possible method, it is recommended to consult a Debuiking professional or accept Deburking Abrasive Material CO.,LIMITED before actually doing it. Technical department of professional training.

Post time: Jul-11-2023