China dental abrasive tools zirconia polishing brushes

Short Description:

Name: Zirconia Grinding Polish KIT

Model: 240# 600# 3000#

Zirconia Grinding And Polish KIT, Mainly used for zirconia crowns, all-ceramic teeth, all-zirconia teeth, zirconia veneers, inlays, high-gloss polishing, can quickly achieve the effect of glaze.

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Theses polishing discs are used For Dental Composite Polishing,total 3 colors dental polishing Disc, Blue-Coarse, Pink-Medium, Grey-Fine These package contains 6pcs Dental Polishing Disc, convenient for dental use Made of high quality resin and diamonds With transparent plastic box for easy storage.

Product Features: is ideal for diamond ceramic bonded abrasives and has a handle diameter of RA2.35mm. It has excellent durability and heat resistance, so it can be used in high temperature environments. The kit is capable of finishing dry grinding, as well as efficient grinding and polishing. It can not only be used for the processing of zirconia materials, but also for the treatment of other hard materials. Whether in the laboratory or in industry, this kit is a revolutionary grinding and polishing tool.

User’s Instruction:

Slightly contact pressure;

The burs should disinfected,

Cleaned or Sterilized before use

RMP Max 15000

Min Suggest 7000-10000




Matters needing attention:

1. This product should be sterilized when used in the oral cavity

2. Install this product on the dental electric handpiece and dental electric motor, and use it according to the conventional method Precautions

3. Do not exceed the specified maximum allowable revolutions of 15,000 during use

4. Do not use products with deformation, cracks, damage, etc.

5. Make sure that the retaining hole and the dental motor are firmly installed

6. When inserting the bur, avoid damage to the product caused by unreasonable angles and excessive force.

7. Before use, a trial operation is required to confirm that there is no shaking.

8. Since the rubber is deteriorated due to frictional heat generation during grinding, excessive pressure and continuous operation at rotational speeds should be avoided.

9. Please use intermittent operation and pay attention to the heat condition at any time.

10. If you need to use it again, please use cleaning solution and disinfectant to remove attachments, and then perform autoclaving.

11. To prevent eye damage, please use goggles, etc.

12. Non-dental practitioners cannot use this product.

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